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The Real Killer of Amit Buddhiraja and Rinku Sachdeva

March 26, 2008

Here are the details of the case that rocked the nation.

Two lovely people in the prime of their youth, gone …. forever. The blogosphere is rife with rumours, allegations and what not. Some people are blaming Rinku for being an adulterous wife and others are blaming Amit for what they see as a jealous, possessive husband.

Unfortunately, both the camps miss the true picture. The real killer of Amit and Rinku is something else.

Amit did not have any option. Consider the situation. Your wife talking to her lover in your house and talking of filing a false harassment case against you, putting you and your family in jail, taking away your future and damaging you for your life ! What women don’t realize is that the unjust laws like the dowry law and Domestic Violence Law are pushing men towards the edge. I can tell you what Amit’s future would have been – He and his parents would have been behind bars due to the false dowry allegations that Amit alleges that Rinku was contemplating. Generally, husbands have to shell out anything from 5 Lakhs to 4 crores to the wife to “compromise” so that she takes the case back. That is when the husband had been a gentleman (like described by Amit’s colleagues). The threat of false accusations and seeing his family behind bars can push anyone to the brink. Add to that the infidelity (atelast perceived by Amit. We’ll never know whether he was right or wrong) by the wife. His future would have been destroyed. He and his family would end up penniless, humiliated and socially destroyed while Rinku would have ended up richer and would probably have led a normal family life with her lover (if one existed).

Who is to blame ? The Ultra feminist laws. Had the threat of a false case not been there, Amit would have probably thought of his future and who knows, maybe this tragedy could have been averted. But when your future is in jail due to a a cheating wife, the injustice gets to a man and he ends up taking law in his own hands.

We should be prepared to see many more Rinkus and Amits unless the laws are made fair and just.

God bless them both. They didn’t deserve to die.. just because of the travails and tribulations of marriage. Its the Law that killed them

I regret the loss of lives.