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The Real Killer of Amit Buddhiraja and Rinku Sachdeva

March 26, 2008

Here are the details of the case that rocked the nation.

Two lovely people in the prime of their youth, gone …. forever. The blogosphere is rife with rumours, allegations and what not. Some people are blaming Rinku for being an adulterous wife and others are blaming Amit for what they see as a jealous, possessive husband.

Unfortunately, both the camps miss the true picture. The real killer of Amit and Rinku is something else.

Amit did not have any option. Consider the situation. Your wife talking to her lover in your house and talking of filing a false harassment case against you, putting you and your family in jail, taking away your future and damaging you for your life ! What women don’t realize is that the unjust laws like the dowry law and Domestic Violence Law are pushing men towards the edge. I can tell you what Amit’s future would have been – He and his parents would have been behind bars due to the false dowry allegations that Amit alleges that Rinku was contemplating. Generally, husbands have to shell out anything from 5 Lakhs to 4 crores to the wife to “compromise” so that she takes the case back. That is when the husband had been a gentleman (like described by Amit’s colleagues). The threat of false accusations and seeing his family behind bars can push anyone to the brink. Add to that the infidelity (atelast perceived by Amit. We’ll never know whether he was right or wrong) by the wife. His future would have been destroyed. He and his family would end up penniless, humiliated and socially destroyed while Rinku would have ended up richer and would probably have led a normal family life with her lover (if one existed).

Who is to blame ? The Ultra feminist laws. Had the threat of a false case not been there, Amit would have probably thought of his future and who knows, maybe this tragedy could have been averted. But when your future is in jail due to a a cheating wife, the injustice gets to a man and he ends up taking law in his own hands.

We should be prepared to see many more Rinkus and Amits unless the laws are made fair and just.

God bless them both. They didn’t deserve to die.. just because of the travails and tribulations of marriage. Its the Law that killed them

I regret the loss of lives.


Domestic Violence ACT – Hugely Unpopular

May 31, 2007

While the radical feminists have been trying to shore up support for the tragedy of Indian democracy aka the Domestic Violence Act, the fact is that the general populace is very aware of the pitfalls and the gender skewed law.

Radical Feminists have been making false claims, nothing really unusual about it, that the DV Act is supported by most men and women. The fact is the DV Act is hugely unpopular.

In a survey by Times of India, 87% people said that the Domestic Violence Act will cause Innocent men to suffer. 

Times of India Poll on Domestic Violence

Almost 80% of the people who responded to a Hindustan Times Poll said that the Domestic Violence Law would divide families.

 Hindustan Times Poll on Domestic Violence Act of India

 As recently as May 12, in a research study, Delhiites gave the feminists a crackin’ slap on the face. 61% of them said that DV Act will be misused and about 60% said that it will be misused intentionally. 


Of course, the radical feminists tried to attribute it to the “lack of understanding” of the DV Act !!  I must say that, on the contrary, people have  a very good understanding of the Act and its provisions. This has indeed caught the radical feminists by surprise. While making all the biased laws and while trying to shore up support for them, they forgot to consider one factor – The intelligence of Indian people !!


November 5, 2006

I was talking to the mother of a close friend, who was looking for a “bahu”(bride) for his son and she said that nowadays it is better to disown the sons after marriage. Going by the disowning notices  in the newspapers, I was not totally surprised, but I insisted that she elaborate. She said that she had seen one of her friends being implicated in fasle dowry cases (498a)  and heard of several others. The trend was rapidly increasing in urban India, where the daughter in laws put false cases if the husband and his family doesnt dance to her tune. I asked her if she was prepared to live away from her only child in her old age. With her voice breaking she said “beta ! is kanoon ki wajah se main apne pote potiyon ke saath jee bhar ke khel bhi nahi paungi. Agar kuch ulta seedha ho gaya to is umar mein court kachari ke chakkar kaun lagaega” (Due to this law, I wont be able to play with my grandsons/granddaughters to my hearts content. If something bad happens (ie if they are implicated in a false case) I cant afford to run around the courts with my age.)

So, here was a well educated family with good values and the only practical solution that they had was to break the family. Such is the terror of this law. The sad part is that there is no provision by which the innocent can safegaurd themselves. The daughter in law can implicate any member of the family at any time, regardless of the length of the marriage. Some have done it within a day of marriage, some have done it after 16 years of marriage and some have even done it after divorce.

The anti-dowry law has transformed marriage, which was supposed to be a happy occasion into one where the husband and his family fear being incarcerated if the wife decides to file a false complaint against them for any frivolous reason. The law compels the police officer to take action and if an innocent person is jailed, it only breeds hatred and disgust in him/her for the injustice meted out. After a person has been falsely accused, he/she would not be very willing to live with the person who put false charges with them. Then its a fight to the end. You will be surprised at how many people I have come across who refused to take back their wives after they filed a false 498a. And I have come across many many instances, where the wives deeply regret using the provisions of this law, but the family is too paranoid to accept them. As so aptly described in GodFather – “You get only once chance to prove your loyalty”. These are the cases where the marriage would have worked out BUT for this law. However, there are numerous instances, where the wive used this law to get back with her lover and more often to extract as much money from the husband as they could. The innocent husbands, who were otherwise productive members of the society, after being falsely implicated by this law, get traumatized and scarred for life.

So, to avoid the consequences of being hit by this torpedo the old parents decide to live separately much to the glee of the daugher in law. However, the children and grandchildren miss out on the experience and wisdom of the older generation and the aged parents suffer because there is no one to take care of them. The indian culture places a lot of respect and trust in the elders and this law is chewing away at the basic foundation of the society. Strong family values will start to erode and soon our culture and heritage will be lost as the generations start moving away from each other.