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Domestic Violence ACT – Hugely Unpopular

May 31, 2007

While the radical feminists have been trying to shore up support for the tragedy of Indian democracy aka the Domestic Violence Act, the fact is that the general populace is very aware of the pitfalls and the gender skewed law.

Radical Feminists have been making false claims, nothing really unusual about it, that the DV Act is supported by most men and women. The fact is the DV Act is hugely unpopular.

In a survey by Times of India, 87% people said that the Domestic Violence Act will cause Innocent men to suffer. 

Times of India Poll on Domestic Violence

Almost 80% of the people who responded to a Hindustan Times Poll said that the Domestic Violence Law would divide families.

 Hindustan Times Poll on Domestic Violence Act of India

 As recently as May 12, in a research study, Delhiites gave the feminists a crackin’ slap on the face. 61% of them said that DV Act will be misused and about 60% said that it will be misused intentionally. 


Of course, the radical feminists tried to attribute it to the “lack of understanding” of the DV Act !!  I must say that, on the contrary, people have  a very good understanding of the Act and its provisions. This has indeed caught the radical feminists by surprise. While making all the biased laws and while trying to shore up support for them, they forgot to consider one factor – The intelligence of Indian people !!